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Cross Banding

Limited Edition Photographs


Cross Bedding which is caused by whether is created when the wind and rain erodes the softer sandstone rocks, by either tumbling grains of sand or small water flows of rain. You can see this by the almost vertical bands on the larger diagonal rock in the middle. This image also show the various sedimentary layers that have built in the ancient river and lake bed over millenniums. The relentless action of surface runoff, streams, and rivers, glaciers, and waves sculpts the rock into intriguing and bizarre shapes. The various different directional layers are evidence of Zion’s far distance past.  Cross Bedding is available as a Limited Edition of ten (10) Fine Art Photographic prints.

Cross Bedding

Cross Bedding
© 2010 Lee Wright

Signed and Numbered
Limited Edition of 10

Image Size: 20″h x 16″w

Framing and Matting
Available upon Request

Available for purchase

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