Lee Wright


Lee Wright Biography

Lee Wright is a top-notch designer, illustrator, and photographer living in the Dallas area. He’s a transplanted Texan born in Rochester, NY.  After graduating from R. L. Thomas high school in Webster NY, he enrolled at the University of North Texas earning a B.F.A. in Advertising Design in 1982. Over his 30 year career, he’s entered several competitions, often placing or winning. Except for his “southern bell” he found in Texas, photography has jumped to the top of his love list……. so that is his focus of competition. Two most recent accomplishments were in the Digital Lightroom competitions.  Lee took first place in the 4th competition, “Urban Landscape” with his photo titled, “A Wet Dark Night”.  The 5th competition, “Leads in Lines” earned him a finish in the top 10 with his photo titled, “Cold Texas Steel”. Both competitions standards were very high and it was difficult for the judges to come up with a winner!

Lee takes the everyday and imposes a sense of drama and clarity in his photography no matter what the subject may be, he is able to see past the ordinary with his artistic eye, combined with his keen since of design in order to elevate the image into exceptional works of photographic art.